Who Am I?

As a graduate of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Animation with rigging as my discipline of choice.  As a programmer, rigging appealed to my technical side as well as my creative side.  Or that could just be my Gemini sides.

Prior to returning to school, I worked as a programmer for Georgia Farm Bureau, IKON Office Solutions and Central Georgia Technical College’s Office of Adult Literacy.  At the college, I designed an automated student tracking system to collect GED data for the state.  It made the paperwork easier and less time consuming for the teachers.  Much to their relief.

Around this time, I became a member of the Moose Lodge’s Women of the Moose in Warner Robins, Georgia.  My first year, I was asked to be chairman of the Youth of the Moose.  I worked with the men's chairman of the youth to organize a variety of activities for kids of all ages.  I also joined the lodge’s motorcycle club.  Oh, the joy of having the wind blow through your hair, trying to avoid any flying insects and getting sunburned from an all day ride.  Besides bike rides, the group hosted an annual toy run to provide Christmas gifts for local families.  They also did the cooking for the annual Veteran’s Day celebration at the local VA Hospital.

I continue to develop my knowledge of Python and am looking forward to working with industry professionals.

Noteworthy Awards:

  • Perfect Attendance award from Full Sail University
  • Co-Worker of the Month by the Women of the Moose for taking an active leadership role with the youth group
  • Employee of the Month by Kelly Temporary Service for accepting all assignments with equal enthusiasm and perseverance
  • Performance Award from the Department of the Air Force
  • Meritorious Unit Citation from the Department of the Navy for providing a full range of services and support


You continue to display a “get it done” attitude that is very valuable. The projects that you work on frequently require cooperation from other areas of IT or other departments entirely in order to be successful. I have depended on you to maintain proper relationships with others and to continue improving necessary development skills to be successful.

You continue to prove that you are reliable, punctual, and responsible. Your team leader has expressed on a number of occasions that you play a key role in the success of the team.
— Tony Jackson
As the Computer Systems Programmer, [Ms Ray] consistently demonstrated exceptional technical expertise involving a variety of computer systems used by the Army. Regardless of the challenge, [Ms Ray] rapidly worked through new software and hardware problems to update programs utilized by managers and leaders to make real time logistical and tactical decisions. [Ms Ray] is an extremely dedicated employee whose duty day is not driven by an eight hour clock, but is driven by mission completion. Her attention to detail, analytical judgement, and ability to grasp and apply new knowledge and concepts enabled [Ms Ray] to successfully stand in for lengthy periods of time as a mainframe console operator and computer systems analyst. Additionally, she has served as a principal advisor during the planning and fielding of the Division’s new primary logistics computer. [Ms Ray] has earned the respect and trust of all who have had contact with her and her work.

[Ms Ray’s] potential has not yet been fully challenged. Throughout my tenure, she has been given projects and tough tasks which she accomplished with relative ease. [Ms Ray’s] inquisitive and receptive nature will enable her to accomplish even more demanding endeavors in the future.

[Ms Ray] has been and will continue to be a viable asset to any organization blest with her presence.
— Major David Booze
Rhonda is a very diligent worker and has a high set of standards for quality of effort. She is well liked by all of her associates and has demonstrated her abilities in motivating and training other employees. She demonstrated her abilities and talent by accepting many challenges during her employ with Coin Financial Systems. I consider Rhonda to be one of our best employees and it has been my privilege to have worked with her here at COIN.
— Debra Percival